We attempt to keep our fees to a minimum, but there are times where charging a fee simply makes sense. Below is a list of those fees. 



Temporary drafts (per page)


Teller check (after 3 free / month – per check)


Money order


Dormant account (1 time fee charged after 36 months of inactivity)


Overdraft protection (transfer from savings – per transfer)


Return item / NSF / overdraft / courtesy pay item (per item)


Account closure within 90 days of opening


Debit card / credit card replacement


Return check on member deposit


Account activity printout / faxes (per page)


Account research (one hour min. – per hour)


Account balancing assistance (per hour)


Copy of statement (per statement)

Stop payments
    1 item
    2 or more items   


Outgoing wire transfer (Western Union)


Domestic wire transfer


Foreign wire transfer


Photocopy (per page)


Copy of draft (after 2 free / month – per copy)


Check cashing (per item - fee will be applied if there is under $100 balance and if there is not an active checking or loan account)


Returned statement fee for returned mail due to wrong address (per item)

Safe deposit box
    3 x 10 (per year)
    5 x 10 (per year)
   10 x 10 (per year)


Drill safe deposit box


Coin machine (non-members)

3% of total

Checking account inactivity fee (after 12 months no activity – per month)


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