Conversion Message



There are exciting changes ahead at your credit union!  Beginning at close of business Friday, June 30, 2017 through start of business Monday July 3, 2017, Wellspring Credit Union will undergo a data system conversion.  This conversion will affect many credit union services that you and others in your household may use daily, including access to your accounts via Online Banking and Bill Pay, the Mobile App, and the Remote Deposit Capture App.  It will also affect, Debit/ATM card usage during this time period.  

To help better prepare our members, we have compiled a comprehensive list of items.  Please review this list carefully and note any items that may affect you and address them prior to Friday, June 30, 2017. 

The Wellspring management team and staff are working hard to ensure the conversion process is as seamless as possible for members.  The new system will not only make the credit union better by using the latest technology available, it will also dramatically improve the overall member experience.  Thank you in advance for your patience during this positive transition for your credit union.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this conversion and how it will affect your account, please contact the credit union at 409.697.2461.

Things to know about the System Conversion:

  • All Wellspring Debit/ATM Cards will use lower offline limits over conversion weekend [Beginning June 28th - July 3rd].  If you plan to travel during this time period, or expect to make a large purchase using a Wellspring debit card, please make arrangements to have extra cash on hand or a Wellspring Credit Card so you will not be inconvenienced.
  • Bill Pay will not be accessible over conversion weekend.  Schedule any bills to be paid BEFORE June 29th or AFTER July 3rd to ensure they are paid on time.
  • The current Online Banking will be unavailable after June 30th.  A new and improved online banking will be available on July 3rd.  Members will be asked to re-enroll into the new system by entering their current username (this will not change) and a temporary password.  The temporary password will be the FIRST TWO LETTERS of your LAST NAME (in ALL CAPS) and the LAST 4 DIGITS of the PRIMARY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER on the account. (i.e. John Smith - SM1234).  You will choose and answer new challenge questions as well as choose an image to verify your identity when logging in on future visits.
  • The Mobile App will be unavailable June 30th - July 3rd. A new improved mobile app will be available after conversion. Apple users will simply receive an update to the app. Android devices will need to download our new app once it becomes available. We will notify you of this via the current app.
  • The current Remote Deposit Capture App will be unavailable after June 30th.  The new remote deposit feature will be integrated into the new mobile app that our members will find much more user friendly.
  • The Teleline audio response system will NO LONGER be available after June 30th.
  • Member accounts with loans that are 30 or more days delinquent will cause debit card transactions to be declined.  Payment is required before card privileges are reinstated.

To help you prepare, please click the link below and print out a checklist of items you should complete prior to conversion.

System Conversion Checklist

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